Logline: A man changes the way he perceives his surroundings. With a mix of imagination and creativity, he paints his own alternate reality. The buildings and objects change around him and become animated. Before long, the whole town is overcome by his touch. He focuses his perception on creating and shaping his own personal reality The... Continue Reading →


Production Book


Emil Schult Write-up

On October 2nd, 2014 there was an artist talk by Emil Schult in the Engineering building on Alfred State's campus at 5 pm. He is a painter, poet and musician, who has collaborated with bands such as the German electronic band, Kraftwerk and once assited Steve Wozniack and Steve Jobs at making computer music. He... Continue Reading →


For this project I wanted to morph a whale into a human to get a comparison of what it would be like if we switched rolls. What if us as humans had to be stuck in a space (tub) that was way to small for us, for our whole lives. The documentary Blackfish inspired me... Continue Reading →

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