Linear Space Sculpture

Professor Hoover

Project 1 – Line – 3D and Color

For this project, line was used as a main element for its construction.  Line is one of the main elements in design and can be demonstrated in many different forms. Line can be suggested or actually there, in a sculpture or drawing. A variety of lines exist; thick, thin, broken, curved and also have the ability to form a pattern. They often help emphasis to a part of an image. For example, in my model I used the vertically pointed toothpicks to add emphasis to the lava. I based my project off the word “project” and chose to use toothpicks for its structure.

After doing some research online I came upon the works of Isamu Noguchi’s tables and images of the reciprocal roof. This gave light to better plan of how I would put the sculpture together. One of Isamu Noguchi’s designed side table had feet that crossed and resembled a larger shaped toothpick. Before I was unsure about how to create the top of the volcano, but the table gave me the idea for adding a stand so I could begin the lava part closer to the top, using less matches. Also the reciprocal helped me figure out how to do the top and the supports that would be needed.




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