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Leila Christine Nadir and Cary Peppermint from the University of Rochester are members of the Echo Art Tech. They create interactive based media surrounding the theme of technology and the environment. Working collaboratively with digital media. They believe that there is a split reality with digital and real life, changing a person’s critical thinking. So they create media that causes people to step back and slow town to take in the environment around them. The Eclipse (2009) was an internet piece of art about the politics of pollution and how humans create pollution in the environment and internet. On the site someone can choose a park and the site will pull data from a local city of its air pollution. Then it would take an image of the park and distort the image based off how polluted it was.  One of their apps involved a map that is designed to slow down a person’s everyday life, so they can become more contemplative. The app gives non linear paths to a person’s destination, the phone will receive scenic vistas and information about where they are. Then a task to do once they are there, which could be something like taking a picture and sending it to a friend. It was an interesting lecture, although a little out there at times, it did bring up some interesting ideas.



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