Alfred University Senior Shows

On May 11th 2013 Alfred University held an art show for its graduating students. It took place in Binns Merril Hall,Harder Hall, Davis Gym and Cohen. It was a free event that held many diverse types of art.


Here is one piece that I found quite interesting by Heather Puskarich. The eye can be seen in many different ways. Whether its a religious symbol, window to the soul, a doorway, curious or sensual; its a very interesting and thought provoking organ. This piece is art and  displays the body part that allows art to be created and seen. A corner of this room was taken up with images of an eye in different positions and angles. Then it was reflected by a pool of thin water below it. Perspective and reflection were large elements in this piece. Each person viewing the piece had a different view and experience depending on where they were in the room; like how each eye from the wall would also have a different vision if they could see. It was a great use of space.


Another item in this room was a piece called “Delusion #3” by Brad Turner. What was interesting was how the image of the statue of liberty was only seen when it was taken with a camera. Once again taking the element of perspective into consideration. How the mesh was cut and put together into squares, changes the viewer’s experience depending on where they are in position to the piece.


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