John Kneck

On October 17th 2013 in the Llewellyn Gallery at Alfred State, John Kneck presented some of his work. 33 years ago he began teaching video art. He was originally trained as a painter in the sixties then started to make his art move. As easy as breathing is, art is intuitive to him. With his traditional art background he uses color to make objective images. He thinks about styles that are old fashion and he relates color and size to them. He may not be an expert in technology but he is still able to create art. He believes its important to look at everything that you can, whether its ancient animal drawings in caves or folk art. In folk art, artist didn’t know the history of art or went to school for it, they just  created their visions. We can be taught to memorize and press buttons but an artist looks at the overall picture and is creative. His advice is too look at things you don’t know about.


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