Interactive Jam


Interactive Jam

Alyssa DeSalvo

Sarah Dart

Samantha Duquette

Alexis Holmok

LeeAnn Hoernig

The simplicity of a button is part of its beauty: it requires no instructions for operation or warning labels. Intuitive impulses often encourage individuals to press a button to experience its results with little thought to the potential consequences of such actions. Our group decided to design an interactive piece based on this notion. Participants will be presented with a projection of five famous works of art and five corresponding buttons. User interaction with a button will produce a visual destruction of a famous art piece based on each member’s interpretation of ‘destruction.’ One of the elements of this interactive piece is the user’s inability to return to the original state once a button is pressed. The entire destruction is experienced regardless of regrets. A button has the ability to start a war, and it now has the ability to destroy art that should last an eternity.


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