Analyzing Montage

Alexis Holmok

Production II

Project II – 30 Seconds


The montage I chose for this assignment was the scene from Forrest Gump (1994). This scene focuses on the main character Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) after the love of his life Jenny leaves, his reaction to the pain. Which is getting up and running, running for a long length of time. The scene begins with Forrest sitting center frame straight on with the camera in his house, distraught with a slight zoom in.  Then there is a cut to his shoes, now outside. There is much symbolism throughout the film surrounding shoes, while also foreshadowing what is about to happen in the clip. There is then a tilt, moving up his body to his head. He is staring out at his yard, expressionless, not sure what to do next with his life. Then in the same clip he puts on his hat, there is a quick cut to a long shot of him standing up, walking off his porch and beginning to run down the road. This is to show he is done sitting around and thinking and has made his decision to do something, even though he does not know why. There is then a cut to a forward medium shot of him running, facing the camera. Then a narration starts of Forrest explaining to the audience that he just decided to go on a run and just kept on going.  This overlays the quick clips of him, running out of his driveway, through the town past the barbershop, then out of the town. All of these shots are now long shots. He then crosses a bridge, leaving his county. Going over water and beginning a new chapter of his life. Each shot shows a different area, farther and farther from his house with the purpose of showing the viewer how far he is really going. Then there is a dolly shot going from a medium shot of him running to a long shot of him passing the state sign of Mississippi. Then there is a fade to him back at the present, sitting at the park bench. He is continuing his narration while also reminding the viewer where the present is. The next shot is him running from the right side of the frame to center, facing away from the camera, running down a pier. The next shot is a long shot of him sideways running down the pier, you can tell he has aged because of his now existing beard and grown out hair, also he wearing shorts. This is to signify how much time has passed.  While he remains in the rule of thirds, right section of the frame, he stops at the edge of the pier, turns around and begins running again.

This montage consists of constant beard and hair growth to show the passage of time. Also the constant change of setting shows the various of places he travels. The purpose of this montage is to show how long and how far Forrest Gump traveled.



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