Janine Antoni

On February 7th she held a lecture at Holmes Hall in Alfred University. Where she discussed her work and its meaning:

Janine Antoni is a contemporary artist from Freeport, Bahamas. She received degrees from schools such as Sarah Lawrence College and the Rhode Island School of Design. Her form of work focuses on everyday activities and turns them into a performance or sculpture. She uses her body often in her work, but not just as a reference but to be a part in the actual piece. She also uses different parts of her body as different tools to create the piece as part of the performance. Her creative process helps her communicate to her audience while also making it more memorable.

One work of hers that I looked up before her lecture was one called “Touch”. Which was a performance that she trained months for, learning how to tightrope. She then placed the tightrope and camera in a place so it looked like the line she was walking was on water against the horizon. This took a large focus on balance in the body. Which is a good example of how she takes everyday activities and making it into an art form. She has also has created a piece that used her teeth to form sculptures from chocolate and lard.


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