Idea: When a person enters the gallery, their choices effect their experience.


Webcam $70

Computer (MacBook Pro) $ 1,200

Projector $112

Mats $30

Arduino $24

Arduino wires $6

Total Cost: $1,341

Area: 13’x40’

Research: Based off previous experience of working with buttons and the Arduino. When a specific button is pressed, a key will register to the computer to start what is in the code, which in this case is a correlating video. Here is a site that explains how to do so in the program that comes with the arduino:

The computer and webcam would be set adjacent to the doorway, so it would recognize anytime someone walked into the room to begin the initial presentation. First music will be triggered by the initial walk in and then shut off after 2 minutes. Depending on which direction the person chooses, it will affect their experience. There will be three mats, one on the left, one on the right and one straight ahead.

Wires will be hooked up to each one, connected to the Arduino that will register to the computer when someone steps on them. The matt will be acting like a button and become a continuous circuit when connected (stepped on). There will be holes in the mats that when pressed down on, aluminum will touch and create a circuit.

Each mat will trigger a different video:

Mat (A) a beach themed video. Purpose is to relax and listen to the ocean and seagulls. Sounds will begin first, then accompanied by a video of waves splashing on sand and rocks, views of a pier, then ending with a sunset.

Mat (B) This experience would begin with the sound of eerie wind. Then a visual of looking off a cliff will be shown, as if the viewer was looking out. Depending on the viewer, this could have a liberating or terrifying feeling.

Mat (C) The third mat will begin with sounds of crickets chirping. Then the visual from the projector will appear, which will be moving through the woods at night. As if the viewer is holding a dim flashlight moving through the trees. Then the sound of steps on leaves will begin and increase in volume. If the viewer is alone the purpose of this stimulation is to induce fear and speed in heart rate.

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 2.29.44 PM


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