Partners + Napier and Content Central

On April 4th 2014 a group of students went up to Rochester to visit the production company Partners + Napier and their partnership next door, Content Central. Parners and Napier is an agency that works with marketing in the media. They are about advertising for their clients and working as a team to come up with creative ideas. They showed us their design process and the different areas of the company. Some walls were designated as whiteboards, which held ideas and storyboards. Something we have to create often in the major. The workplace was very unique and open (no doors), creating at atmosphere that was approachable. They spoke a lot about collaborating with a client and getting a successful outcome. Working in a group and running into problems is a given in the digital media and animation major and they spoke much about how important it is to be efficient and use the help of others. Looking at the advertising aspect of digital media, it appeared very dynamic and intriguing.

Partners + Napier Website :

Content Central was the company that was more about 3D work than the 2D work of Partners + Napier. But what is so great about their partnership is that they can use each other for different skills. Collaboration between sister companys and other partners helps them to create a stronger brand. Contend Central creates engaging content using video production and post-production. We had the opportunity to check out a few of their current and finished projects. They talked about the importance of efficiency with managing time and cutting out extra work in the work flow. Also the importance of doing research on the subject of the project and the program being used for it. Matthew Ebent was a graphic artist at Content Central who we had a chance to sit down and talk to. He works a great deal in Autodesk Maya and gave us advice about senior projects and film reels. What employers are looking for and what not to do. He also showed us some of his storyboards and the quality that is expected of us.


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