Jason Bernagozzi


Jason Bernagozzi is a professor at Alfred State College in the Digital Media and Animation department. He is a sound, video and new media artist. Often experimenting and layering video. In the Engineering building, he showcased some of his various work and current projects. One of the first videos shown that stuck out to me was “Citystream” as shown above which channeled two different HD videos. These videos moved across a city street, distorting the video as it moved. It showed cars and people also moving, leaving a trail of pixels behind. Much of this work each provides a different experience and sometimes altered sense of consciousness. Whether it was getting caught up in a world of mixed up pixels or of life in half it’s speed, giving the viewer extra time to focus on little things like a bird flying by. He also spoke about how he has been getting involved in different communities. For example, helping to create an art center in Hornell and also a current project that creates a collection of stories and videos to maintain the history of a historic town. He also spoke about how when working with video its similar to our projects in that we are faced with issues and learning how to deal with them is very important. Working around obstacles and exploring new techniques is also very important.


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