Production II – Log Line and Treatment

“Shit Happens”

Log line: “The local bully, Jeremy, has his way with three kids on the playground and finds out that what goes around comes back around. “

Jeremy, one of the most tallest, and strongest kids in the 7th grade, likes to pick on smaller kids in hopes to gain a profit or have a good laugh by the sight of the smaller kids helplessness. Today was like no other ordinary day in the playground during P.E. class, which had been brought outside due to the surprisingly good weather for the area. No today was the day that the saying what goes around comes back around actually happens to Jeremy.

Jeremy being way bigger that all of the kids walked around the playground like he owned the area, teasing kids, giving nasty looks and even taking kids spots on the monkey bars. While walking past Tim, Jeremy swiped his shoes right off his feet mid swing as Tim was rounding the bottom of he swing cycle, knocking him clear off the sit and slamming hard into the ground. With a quick smile, then a snort like laugh Jeremy trudged off wearing Tim’s new sneakers.
As Jeremy past matt playing by the sandbox Jeremy thought to himself that it would be funny to play target practice, and throw mud at matt who was quietly building a sweet sand castle. With one trebuchet like throw and tremendous force the mud ball flew threw the air piercing right through the sand castle and directly into Matt’s face, knocking him helplessly out of the sand box. With another snort laugh and a quick smile he walked away.
Jeremy had grown hungry which made him seek out Bill the rich kid that always had money on him. Catching the little Billy by surprise, Jeremy swooped him up by his legs and shook the money out of his pockets. When all the money was out and Billy had pleaded for Jeremy to let him go, Jeremy dropped Billy into the dirt with a large thud. With a snort and a smile Jeremy left Billy sitting there broke and hurt.
But what Jeremy didn’t realize was, what goes around comes back around and as Jeremy was walking around the corner of the school building to count his money and to admire his new shoes he heard a bird above him make a loud noise. When Jeremy looked up at the bird a large poop and fallen onto his face and into his eyes, rendering him partially blinded and incoherent to his surroundings. Without noticing a narrow garbage can directly in front of him he fell directly into the garbage can causing him to be helplessly stuck with his feet flailing in the air. When Tim had noticed what had happened to Jeremy the 7th grade bully, he told all the boys that had been picked on to look over at him.
Tim, Matt, and Billy all walked over taking their money back, snatching the shoes off his feet and having a good laugh at his helplessness. Walking away with big smiles on their faces and laughing at Jeremy they all thought in the back of their minds. “What goes around comes back around”



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