Colleague Critique

My fellow classmate Cody Streeter created an animatic that could potentially be a commercial for dog food. The rotoscoping at the beginning demonstrates great movement and energy in the video. The shot of the dog crossing the stage has sound to represent it’s collar moving but doesn’t include the rest of the dog being drawn, but it is still communicated that he is crossing to the left side of the frame. Then there is a slightly tilted frame of the dog going to the dog food instead of the steak. When first watching this I didn’t register what was happening exactly. The communication that the dog food was better than the steak didn’t click to me. But maybe this could be changed by adding color to the food and food bowl and making the meat look more dull and grey. It ends a little suddenly, which could be changed by maybe a close up of the dog eating the food or looking very happy with his owner at the end. Or a picture of the food packaging could be added so people could recognize it.


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