Kelpie Lengend & Triple Double Instillation – Assignments

Uncharted Tide Youtube

For the Kelpie Legend project, I was on the storyboard and shooting team. First we sat down with the narration and writing teams to get down the story to follow. Then I worked with the storyboard team to come up with a shot to shot break down. We then decided to break up the story into three sections. I was in charge of the first section of the story. This involved the opening scene, May appearing in the window and her seeing and running down to the shipwrecked man. We then ran into a process of reworking the storyboard and how it was going to be portrayed. I created 10 scenes, each asset in a separate layer, which I periodically reworked. After the third revision we decided on the idea of using transitions throughout the piece. We then sat down and quickly drew out the whole story, keeping in mind of the transitions. To make the story more consistent, we placed one person in charge of redrawing the storyboard digitally.

The next part I was assigned, was created the physical set that would be behind the animations. We first had to decide what to make and what to use to make it. Another concern was also how to get the supplies. We met on multiple occasions to get the set built. First we made the clay walls, we then collected rocks and morphed them into a cobble stone appearance. After that, we put the walls together and created a thatched roof with the straw-like material we collected. There were two different techniques we used for creating the roof. First we were just going to place the straw on top, but then we decided to go for a more accurate representation. This would be by tying together small groups of straw and layering them on top of each other. Then, using layers of crumpled up newspaper and glue mixture, we created a paper mache cliff.

After creating the set, I was assigned to creating animations and backgrounds for the project. For the sky background, I took a 15-minute video of the sky on a good cloud day. I then took the video and sped it up and changed the levels and contrast to make the video darker. Which would go along with the overall gloomy theme of the animation. This sky background could be placed behind the animation and water for any of the animations. The other backgrounds created were Photoshop drawings that were generally pretty simple. Mostly they involved dirt/sand along with shrubs or rocks. For the animation, we were told specific dimensions and rendering techniques to use in Photoshop. For the animation portion, I created the scene that involved the mid transformation to the full transformation of the Kelpie. After that was completed, I was also assigned the animation of May’s reaction to this change.

For the Triple Double Installation, I was in charge of publicity and gallery coordination. The first step in this was to decided on a place. Since the design was set around basketball, we had to find a gym that was off campus. The restriction of not being able to hold the instillation in Alfred, had us decided on the next town over in Almond. Since I already know most of the Faculty and had already gone to Alfred-Almond Central School, we decided it would be best choosing a place that I already knew the layout of. The school has two gyms, but we decided the smaller one would be a better space. It would create a more intimate space and the lighting is easier to control. There also were no windows that would take away from the projection. The first step to getting the space was filling out a Request to Occupancy form. I talked to the Superintendent who immediately said it was fine for us to use either of the gyms depending on a dodge ball tournament and as long as it was after the wrestler’s practice at 8 am. Choosing the day and time was also a conversation we had on multiple occasions. We later found out that on Fridays that practices go on until 8pm, which would be too late. So we then decided on Saturday because there would be fewer conflicts. The high school then told us that we needed Insurance of Occupancy Form, which we would have to get through Alfred State College. No one seemed to know much about this form, so we went to the head of different departments, secretaries in multiple buildings, then eventually were able to get ahold of the Vice President of Alfred State who was able to sign the form that her secretary had. Then we took that form to the Alfred Almond School’s secretary.

For advertisement, we had to hold off on distributing information before all the paperwork was final, in case anything had gone wrong. We received a logo from the graphic design team, which we placed on posters. Since many students don’t have transportation or willingness to leave the campus at all, we wanted to get the word out as much as possible. We found out that transportation through the school is inconvenient and expensive, so that plan did not happen. We sent in the information to the poster committee and Student Announce on campus. The application to get the poster and information on the big screen in SLC was also put in. Unfortunately, those systems have their flaws and didn’t end up pulling through on that end. We created a Facebook page and posted it to the DMA page so that those who are also in the major would be informed. We also walked into a few of the classrooms and explained our project and that it could be used as a write up. Posters were hung up around the town in local restaurants, laundry matts and businesses. We talked to coaches to inform their basketball and soccer teams, along with teachers at the high school. We also talked to the student in charge of the high school announcements about adding this to the list of events and getting people there. We also informed the leaders of different organizations and RAs on campus to use this as programing opportunity. We mainly outreached to those on campus who would take interest in this type of installation. Overall we had about 70 people show up, excluding nearly the whole class who was also there.


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