Logline: A man changes the way he perceives his surroundings. With a mix of imagination and creativity, he paints his own alternate reality. The buildings and objects change around him and become animated. Before long, the whole town is overcome by his touch. He focuses his perception on creating and shaping his own personal reality

The story happens in a linear fashion through a space. As the character goes through the town, their interactions with their environment intensifies.

Purpose: The purpose of this animation is to create a mixed media piece that integrates 2D motion graphics and video.


One design problem I ran into was deciding on the character design. My pre-visuals at first involved a very simple form or outline; I then went for a very detailed design. I wanted the character to be visually interesting but not require an excessive amount of detail. Once I got my actor I was able to do sketches and draw a more accurate representation of the end product. Choosing the actor solved the problem of what the design was going to be like. I also wanted the overall design and the character to be in sync.


new_stryboard 1          new_stryboard 2

new_stryboard 3          new_stryboard 4

Mock Ups:

AA025901.MXF.Still001_2AA026201.MXF.Still001_2 AA026301.MXF.Still001_1Changing_Shirt2 AA030201.MXF.Still004_1AA030201.MXF.Still003_2     AA030501.MXF.Still001_2 AA031401.MXF.Still001_2skateboard_wheel2

Test Animations:

Wave of how animation appears and “washes” over the objects

This was a quick test of the beginning and quick rotobrush test for compositing. I also wanted to mess with introducing the dark clouds and lightening. This was a more bouncy introduction of the lightening, but I plan to have it sneak in before the next clip where the character is then hit and changed by the lightening.

Currently I am animating, editing and compositing. When the editing is complete I will then begin adding sound.

With this animation I want to create a video that can show what I am able to do as an animator in a creative way. I want it to be a visually interesting and entertaining video that will show a town being transformed.


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